The Zammorak Series
ur Zammorak fixtures are just functional pieces of wall art. Their springboard design lends itself to athletic areas and also looks great in theaters and concert halls where minimal downlight and optimal uplight is a requirement. The front chevrons add an air of art deco to the design and the center reveal looks great in polished brass or chrome on top of dark painted finishes. Powerful lamp options will inject light upward into the furthest places while smaller lamps make a defining glow through the chevrons and side slots. Very nice.
SC-46008W x 20H x 6X1-75W P30 Up/1-60W A Int14 lbs
SC-460110W x 25H x 8X1-150W P38 Up/1-75W A Int22 lbs
SC-460212W x 30H x 10X1-250W P38 Up/1-100W A Int31 lbs
SC-46038W x 20H x 6X2-26W CFT15 lbs
SC-460410W x 25H x 8X2-42W CFT24 lbs
SC-460512W x 30H x 10X2-42W CFT/1-42W CFT Int34 lbs
SC-46068W x 20H x 6X1-70W CMH ED-1719 lbs
SC-460710W x 25H x 8X1-70W CMH P38 Up/1-32W CFT Int31 lbs
SC-460812W x 30H x 10X1-100W CMH P38 Up/1-42W CFT Int42 lbs
Solid Brass Finishes
ABB: Antique Brass
SBB: Satin Brass
PBB: Polished Brass
ANB: Antique Nickel
SNB: Satin Nickel
PNB: Polished Nickel
AZB: Antique Bronze
SZB: Satin Bronze
PZB: Polished Bronze
CSB: Custom Brass
Painted Metal Finishes
DGP: Dark Green
VGP: Verdi Green
CGP: Charcoal Gray
MBP: Medium Bronze
SBP: Satin Black
DBP: Dark Bronze
LBP: Light Bronze
MGP: Medium Gold
SCP: Sponged Copper
CSP: Custom Paint
Aluminum Finishes
SAA: Satin Aluminum
SNA: Satin Aluminum
PAA: Polished Aluminum
BBA: Burnished Bronze
RNA: Red Naval Bronze
SGA: Satin Gold
SBA: Satin Bronze
ORA: Oil Rubbed Bronze
SCA: Satin Copper
CSA: Custom Aluminum
Stainless Steel Finishes
SSS: Satin Stainless
DSS: Distressed Stainless
PSS: Polished Stainless
HSS: Hammered Stainless
CSS: Custom Stainless
Acrylic Diffusers
BGA: Beige Alabaster Acrylic
NHA: Natural Horn Acrylic
WHA: White Alabaster Acrylic
PHA: Purple Haze Acrylic
WOA: White Opal Acrylic
GRA: Green Edge Acrylic
EGA: Earth Green Acrylic
DGA: Deep Gold Acrylic
SBA: Sea Blue Acrylic
HNA: Honey Alabaster Acrylic
Add suffix "ECH" to abbreviation for "Etched" diffuser.
EG: BGA-ECH = Beige Alabaster Acrylic - Etched.
WLM: Wet Location Mounting
DIM: Dimming ballast
REM: Remote emergency ballast
FUS: Fusing
BLR: Remote Ballast
QRS: Quartz restrike 250wDCbay