The Dsandre Series
ur D'sandre pendants really are architectural masterpieces meant for mounting in state and federal buildings. They also look just right in established university settings and historic public places. These octagonal fixtures are filled with classical motifs. You will see greek key molding at top leading from the colonial cornices down into true ribbon and stick fasces designs that border the diffuser panels top and bottom. Deeply embossed egg and dart trim repeats top center and bottom. Very fine!
PD-170012W x 44H8-75wA-INT/1-300wR40-DN66 lbs8' MAX
PD-170116W x 58H8-100wA-INT/1-500wR40-DN108 lbs10' MAX
PD-170224W x 87H12-100wA-INT/1-500wR52-DN159 lbs12' MAX
PD-170312W x 44H8-27wBX-INT/1-300wP56-DN70 lbs8' MAX
PD-170416W x 58H8-55wBX-INT/1-500wP56-DN115 lbs10' MAX
PD-170524W x 87H8-32wT8-INT/1-500wP56-DN166 lbs12' MAX
PD-170612W x 44H8-27wBX-INT/1-175wMH-DN74 lbs8' MAX
PD-170716W x 58H8-55wBX-INT/1-250wMH-DN123 lbs10' MAX
PD-170824W x 87H8-32wT8-INT/1-400wMH-DN174 lbs12' MAX
Solid Brass Finishes
ABB: Antique Brass
SBB: Satin Brass
PBB: Polished Brass
ANB: Antique Nickel
SNB: Satin Nickel
PNB: Polished Nickel
AZB: Antique Bronze
SZB: Satin Bronze
PZB: Polished Bronze
CSB: Custom Brass
Painted Metal Finishes
DGP: Dark Green
VGP: Verdi Green
CGP: Charcoal Gray
MBP: Medium Bronze
SBP: Satin Black
DBP: Dark Bronze
LBP: Light Bronze
MGP: Medium Gold
SCP: Sponged Copper
CSP: Custom Paint
Aluminum Finishes
SAA: Satin Aluminum
SNA: Satin Aluminum
PAA: Polished Aluminum
BBA: Burnished Bronze
RNA: Red Naval Bronze
SGA: Satin Gold
SBA: Satin Bronze
ORA: Oil Rubbed Bronze
SCA: Satin Copper
CSA: Custom Aluminum
Glass Diffusers
SOG: Streaked Opal Glass
WOG: White Opal Glass
CSG: Clear Seeded Glass
FRG: French Antique Glass
JMG: Jasmine Glass
GRG: Green Edge Glass
CBG: Clear Borosilicate Glass
RCG: Ribbed Clear Glass
FCG: Floral Clear Glass
MLG: Maple Leaf Glass
Add suffix "ECH" to abbreviation for "Etched" diffuser.
EG: SOG-ECH = Streaked Opal Glass - Etched.
4-100: 4-100wT-3Qtz uplight
4-300: 4-300wT-3Qtz uplight
4-500: 4-500wT-3Qtz uplight
DIM: Dimming ballast
REM: Remote emergency ballast
IEM: Integral emergency ballast
FUS: Fusing
WLM: Wet location mounting
BLR: Remote ballast
BLC: Canopy ballast
QRS: Quartz restrike 250wDCbay
EMH: Electronic MH ballast
BTS: Bottom tassel