The Danaan Series
ur Danaan fixtures are classic blends of cylindrical, rectangular, and arched segments. A bold Greek Key pattern at top adds a timelessness to these lights that seems to speak of grander days gone by. A solid dome at top is complemented by an illuminated bowl with straps at bottom. Four heavy rectangle body frames join to overlapped round rods in a surrounding geometric support system of the central cylinder. We offer amazing lamping options for these fixtures. Even a downlight.
PD-600016W x 36H6-100A34 lbs8' STD
PD-600116W x 48H9-150A48 lbs10' STD
PD-600224W x 72H12-150A78 lbs12' STD
PD-600316W x 36H6-24wT5HO38 lbs8' STD
PD-600416W x 48H6-39wT5HO52 lbs10' STD
PD-600524W x 72H8-80wT5HO84 lbs12' STD
PD-600616W x 36H1-150wCMH ED-1736 lbs8' STD
PD-600716W x 48H1-250wCMH ED-2850 lbs10' STD
PD-600824W x 72H1-400wCMH ED-2882 lbs12' STD
Solid Brass Finishes
ABB: Antique Brass
SBB: Satin Brass
PBB: Polished Brass
ANB: Antique Nickel
SNB: Satin Nickel
PNB: Polished Nickel
AZB: Antique Bronze
SZB: Satin Bronze
PZB: Polished Bronze
CSB: Custom Brass
Painted Metal Finishes
DGP: Dark Green
VGP: Verdi Green
CGP: Charcoal Gray
MBP: Medium Bronze
SBP: Satin Black
DBP: Dark Bronze
LBP: Light Bronze
MGP: Medium Gold
SCP: Sponged Copper
CSP: Custom Paint
Aluminum Finishes
SAA: Satin Aluminum
SNA: Satin Aluminum
PAA: Polished Aluminum
BBA: Burnished Bronze
RNA: Red Naval Bronze
SGA: Satin Gold
SBA: Satin Bronze
ORA: Oil Rubbed Bronze
SCA: Satin Copper
CSA: Custom Aluminum
Stainless Steel Finishes
SSS: Satin Stainless
DSS: Distressed Stainless
PSS: Polished Stainless
HSS: Hammered Stainless
CSS: Custom Stainless
Acrylic Diffusers
BGA: Beige Alabaster Acrylic
NHA: Natural Horn Acrylic
WHA: White Alabaster Acrylic
PHA: Purple Haze Acrylic
WOA: White Opal Acrylic
GRA: Green Edge Acrylic
EGA: Earth Green Acrylic
DGA: Deep Gold Acrylic
SBA: Sea Blue Acrylic
HNA: Honey Alabaster Acrylic
Add suffix "ECH" to abbreviation for "Etched" diffuser.
EG: BGA-ECH = Beige Alabaster Acrylic - Etched.
WCH: Wind Chains (4x Typ.)
WLM: Wet Location Mounting
150DL: 150W PAR38 Downlight
250DL: 250W Par38 Downlight
500DL: 500W PAR56 Downlight
DIM: Dimming Ballast
REM: Remote Emergency Ballast
IEM: Integral Emergency Ballast
FUS: Fusing
BLR: Remote Ballast
BLC: Canopy Ballast
QRS: Quartz Restrike 250W DC-Bay
EMH: Electronic MH Ballast