The Calypso Series
ur Calypso chandeliers are about as nice as it gets. Stunning brass frameworks support the nicest smooth horns you can find anywhere. Curving support rods are highlighted with ribbed brass balls. And the cone shade lenses we show are to die for. We offer these fixtures in a variety of colors and lampings. You may order them as completely fluorescent fixtures if you like. The frames can be antique, the cones can be green cased. Be sure to check out our Spec Options Guide for glassware.
CH-20040W x 45H6-100wA1T/6A29 lbs8' MAX
CH-20150W x 57H6-100wA,6-60wA2T/12A44 lbs10' MAX
CH-20260W x 57H8-100wA,8-60wA2T/16A58 lbs10' MAX
CH-20370W x 85H16-100wA,8-60wA3T/24A76 lbs12' MAX
CH-20480w x 85H20-100wA,10-60wA3T/30A94 lbs12' MAX
CH-20540W x 45H6-26wCF1T/6A29 lbs8' MAX
CH-20650W x 57H6-26wCF,6-18wCF2T/12A44 lbs10' MAX
CH-20760W x 57H8-26wCF,8-18wCF2T/16A58 lbs10' MAX
CH-20870W x 85H16-26wCF,8-18wCF3T/24A76 lbs12' MAX
CH-20980w x 85H20-26wCF,10-18wCF3T/30A94 lbs12' MAX
Solid Brass Finishes
ABB: Antique Brass
SBB: Satin Brass
PBB: Polished Brass
ANB: Antique Nickel
SNB: Satin Nickel
PNB: Polished Nickel
AZB: Antique Bronze
SZB: Satin Bronze
PZB: Polished Bronze
CSB: Custom Brass
Painted Metal Finishes
DGP: Dark Green
VGP: Verdi Green
CGP: Charcoal Gray
MBP: Medium Bronze
SBP: Satin Black
DBP: Dark Bronze
LBP: Light Bronze
MGP: Medium Gold
SCP: Sponged Copper
CSP: Custom Paint
Glass Shades
GCC: Green Cased Cone
ACC: Amber Cased Cone
WCC: White Cased Cone
BCC: Blue Cased Cone
CRC: Clear Ribbed Cone
FLS: Flame Shade
AG1: Art Glass One
AG2: Art Glass Two
AG3: Art Glass Three
AG4: Art Glass Four
Add suffix "ECH" to abbreviation for "Etched" diffuser.
EG: GCC-ECH = Green Cased Cone - Etched.
TPL: Top lens
DIM: Dimming ballast
REM: Remote emergency ballast
FUS: Fusing