Lightsmith is the trade mark and marketing arm of Jefferson Lighting and Brassworks, Inc.

Our original company was named after Thomas Jefferson, a man we admire very much and who was also an occasional citizen of our Lynchburg area as he got older. His octagonal summer home, Poplar Forest, is just a few miles from our shop. All of our church lights are and will continue to be named after people and places in the life of Thomas Jefferson.

Founded in 1988 as a manufacturer of church lighting and ornamental metal work, Jefferson Lighting has grown and evolved over the years into something more. Even though church lighting still accounts for a substantial part of our business, custom architectural lighting and historic lighting reproductions of antique fixtures are a specialty with us.

We have also become a major source for large scale historic lighting restorations. Over the years our shop has renovated, restored, and duplicated thousands of fixtures in multiple state capitals and government buildings. We hold the record at this point in time for the largest single lighting restoration job ever contracted by the United States Government, a multi-million dollar contract involving much on-site restoration work and taking several years to complete.

In the course of completing difficult projects, we have become very self reliant. We have had to constantly make decisions about using outside sources for metal castings and spinnings, glassware, acrylics, woodwork, etc.

And we have typically chosen that road least often taken. It has been a conscious decision on our part to invest in building true decorative arts skills in our own work force, rather than relying on the skills of others to produce the complicated designs our customers have demanded of us. So, if you visit our shop at any given moment you may see us pouring lost wax castings, spinning gigantic cones and rings, vacuum forming acylic bowls up to eight feet in diameter, or blowing glass.

As we enter into our twentieth year of business, we were looking for a name that better identifies us and qualifies the nature of our business as it relates to a modern global marketplace in need of old time decorative arts skills. That name is...Lightsmith.