James Madison Montpelier Visitor Center
Montpelier Station, Virginia

Restoration, refinishing and electrification of an original Herni Vian candle chandelier and pendant.

Nestled in the Appalachian foothills, Montpelier was James Madison's estate and retreat.
William duPont purchased the homestead in 1901. The duPonts expanded and modernized the mansion,including importing these two fine luminaires.
After 84 years the property was donated to the National Trust for Historical Preservation. In 2003 efforts began to recreate the Montpelier that James Madison held so dear. All previous expansions and improvements were eliminated. A new visitor's center was built on-grounds to house the treasures not necessarily owned by Madison himself but still of historical significance. Our task was to convert the lights to electric and to make them resemble the same lights the duPonts purchased so very long ago.

After arrival, strong men with chains uncrate the fixures. As you can see, the years have certainly taken their toll.
The fixtures now gleam with modern incandescent lamping.

A mysterious guest takes particular interest in our work at the Visitor Center dedication ceremony gala event. These fixtures are right at home at this special evening of elegance and sophistication.

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